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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

October 23, 2018

NMD VPN Download For Android and PC With Config File

This Tutorial, I am gonna share with you How to creating a config file to use NMD VPN. In the last tutorial, We share Tutorial of HTTP Injector. It is Popular over the world. It has no several problems and no disconnection. You will secure all the time when you connect it. You use it without any cost. NMD VPN supports TCP and UDP protocol. It also supports HTTP request an HTTPS request.

NMD VPN Download For PC

One of the best VPN, You have used the different way and different action. Most of the people are not able to unaware of this. So You can ask me, What is NMD VPN?

NMD VPN is an open client, That is mostly used to visit any Blocked website and Free Internet. But, It's used for Hack ISP.

NMD VPN Software Features:

*  NMD VPN Free Download for PC.
*  It's supported TCP and UDP all Ports.
*  HTTP and HTTPS Supported
* Secure Your Connection
* Visit any Block site.
* Can use Free Internet

Download NMD VPN For PC

How to install NMD VPN & Tutorial:
Look those all screenshot here below. 

Step 1:
Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

NMD VPN Config Files:

Once, You install this Soft in your Desktop/Laptop. You can see that there is a lot of config file on Google. So, You wants to use a trusted and working Configuration files. After download this config files, You must move this (C:\Program Files (x86)\NMDVPN\config) folder. Now your all action is finished. Now Start run as administration NMD VPN, connect and Enjoy.

NMD VPN For Android: 

Above, We discuss this VPN in PC. Now, We discuss it on any Android Mobile. It also has a config file and that can import it.

NMD VPN APK Features:

* Any Android mobile requirement 4.4 version.
* NMD VPN config files along with certificates(ca.crt and pass.txt)
* Install this APK file on your Android phone and Import config.
* Connect it.

Your phone doesn't need rooted. But make sure, Your config file must include certificates in the current folder.

NDM VPN APK Download:

Top Trusted VPN Site To Download NMD Config File:

We share our best experience VPN Service in Online free. You can copy those link and Download config file for your favorite NMD VPN. You can download torrent file more than 1gb to 100gb per day bandwidth. There was a lot of VPN configs provider service, We updated it when needed.

1. http://www.vpnbook.com/freevpn
2. http://vpngate.net/
3. http://freevpn.me/accounts/

How To Use NMD VPN In PC:

# Connect your internet connection with modem/mobile APN
# Are You airtel internet service. So download a Config file above those link.
# Now install NMD VPN and Paste the config in C Program config folder.
# Windows 7 and 8 need run as administrator 
# Just Connect server which given in the config file.
# Let's enjoy NMD Free internet or Protection service.

How To Use NMD VPN Android Mobile:

# Download and Extract this file on your SD Card.
# Go to play store or Google search OpenVPN and Download it.
# Now install it and open config file with OpenVPN
# and select the config
# If ask for username and password then see the snehil text file attachment.
# Then Connect and Enjoy.

Hopefully, Done all action you can use free internet. Follow our website to get more highly recommendation free internet method. 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

July 28, 2018

Best Way To Create HTTP Injector Config and Settings

Hey friends, I am back on my Blog a few months later. Today I discuss a most powerful app for ISP Hacking on any Android mobile in the world. This application is used by many people surf the internet for free. You knew the app details from Google, If you don't know about it then search on YouTube and Google. In this post, I share how to create HTTP injector config and settings and this post is fully updated in days. It can gather your knowledge tutorial of HTTP injector. So, I think you have the free time to read it.

Our Last Tutorial: Your Freedom Unlimited Internet Any Android Mobile

What is HTTP Injector?

Simply, It is an Android software to hack free internet. It is using to create free internet without any data charge. HTTP injector also uses for the blocked website. Suppose, Your ISP block facebook in your country so you don't access Facebook from your country. If you use any VPN or Http Injector, you can easily access it. This app includes some tools which are useful like IP hunter, Host Checker, Tethering unlock, IP checker, payload generator and others. 

What is an Ehi file and How its work?

Ehi file is a configuration of Http injector. Basically When you create a configuration on Http injector, looks the file type. Is it the Ehi file? Definitely, It is. What's inside it? It is composed of payload, remote proxy and SSH account Credentials. 

What are the requirements for this?

1. HTTP Injector Apk 

You can download this app from Google play store and others website.
HTTP Injector Download

2. HTTP Injector Payload

It is a part of tools of Http injector. You can create an Ehi file or make configuration for free internet by this Payload tool. You can import and export the Ehi file.

3. Internet Connection without balance

It is your ISP. I use sim card of GP. When I use the free internet this time I don't keep any balance.
So you can follow this. Because This step you don't have any risk to cut your balance.

4. Remote Proxy HTTP injector

It is a proxy which provides us with the different website. Every day it is updated. I think I created the post about how to find working remote proxy. 

5. SSH account

It is a VPN account which gives us free, trial and paid account. It is important for HTTP injector.

How to create HTTP Injector Config:

Firstly, Download this app from google play and open it. Then tick off this box and press ok.
HTTP injector open

After doing this job, go to the menu bar of HTTP injector.
http injector payload

Now go to the payload to make a configuration HTTP Injector. You will see this page looks like this screenshot.
HTTP Injector Config and Settings

In this page payload type is normal. Look that box of URL/Host. In my previous post, I shared an article about finding a host of your ISP. So put the URL in the Box.
HTTP Injector Config and Settings

It seems to look like this. In this Extra header line, you should mark this point(Online Host, Keep-Alive, and User Agent). after you click generate payload.
HTTP Injector Config and Settings payload

Look at the remote proxy. My next tutorial is about that. In this post, I use the HTTP injector public remote proxy. So click again on the menu of HTTP Injector.
HTTP Injector Config and Settings

At last, can you see the servers?  Yes then click it and seems like that.
HTTP Injector Config and Settings
There is a different country proxy list here. So click one remote proxy. 
HTTP Injector Config settings  

Then mark on remote proxy and SSH. After doing all the job you must change port number 80 to 8080. Then click save and back the main page.
HTTP Injector Config

So now Click start and see the key on the notification bar of your phone. You can check out your HTTP code in HTTP Injector app log.

Conclusion: So How about your feelings. Any kind of help please comment below here. Everyone follow this every step and get your success free internet for mobile. Be happy and Enjoy.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

March 24, 2018

Best Way To Hack Your Freedom Free Internet

Most of the people interested in buying ISP high rating data package which is expensive for the person who is students and unemployed person. So Because of that, We share the best method Hack Your Freedom Free Internet. In my personal life, While I try to hack to get free internet in my arena and I am a success with this software. I think all will be benefited. Tell it more,

How to hack sim card for free internet

If You have a sim card, Mobile phone with cellular and You want to hack it by Your Freedom. In this post, We share how to hack any sim card.

By the way, Your freedom gives their free internet data session for one hour. Then, You will purchase it in the shop. If you are a root device user, Then you can hack unlimited any time. So today I share how to get free internet with your freedom hacking isp software on Android and PC.

How To Configure and Settings For Android

Your Freedom Free Internet PC User and Android: Your Freedom Software
You should create a freedom account with your personal Gmail.

While you complete the download then follow those step......

Have a Grameenphone sim card on your android phone then open your freedom app.
freedom free internet

Look where is configuration, Then click it and the connection.

freedom setting

Follow the screenshot bellow......and click wizard and wait some time.
freedom configure

freedom app free internet

Now select a server and configure it. Then go to home page of the app and click start connection.
freedom server
find freedom server

When You use one hour then your freedom app go to the shop and try the free trial for one hour.
get free internet with freedom

Your FreeDom Account Unlimited Free

Now We gonna to discuss how to hack and get unlimited. So follow this instruction. It looks like a premium account hack.

1. A Rooted Android Device.
2. Your Freedom App---Click Here
3. Android ID Changer---Click Here

While you complete your free trial for one hour. Now disconnect this and go to setting.
hacking tutorial freedom

Got To APPs
freedom app hack
hack and get unlimited freedom

Find your freedom and select and must do clear data.

Then force stop this app.

Now you installed android id changer and give the root permission and open it.

You will see the + icon on the right sight of the screen. Click it and see that A new ID will be writing-----

Then save it.

Now do the same things and hack it for unlimited internet.

Our Last Article: How To Hack Mobile Network For Free Internet

Thursday, 1 March 2018

March 01, 2018

Best Collection of ISP Hack Software

Hey what's up man, I am back to write about my favorite topic on my Blog. I got nice feedback our hack mobile network to get free internet. In my Tutorial, I write about the best collection of ISP Hacking Software. Basically, We use software to get more facility. But In default we using free internet on any ISP. We will use a VPN Apps for a free net. So when we connect it's. It's connected the full or whole device. But in java mobile, this medium does not work.

Our Previous Tutorial: Find Working Host For Free Internet

Android ISP Hacking Software List:

1. DroidVPN
3. Web Tunnel
5. Zero Vpn
6. Hola VPN
7. Psiphon 
8. Handler VPN(different types of handler software--opera mini handler, UC handler like this)
9. QPython
10. Simple server

Computer/PC ISP Hacking Software List:

1. Simple server
2. Header Inject Query
3. XT181 PP
4. Proxifire
5. ZI Phreaking Tool

There are lots of tool in online but most of new, If we can use proper use the tools above. You can easily be hacking any ISP for unlimited internet and you will be benefited.

So We try to the best list for you. However, in future, I will write details about every software and make video Tutorial. You should try it for yourself.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

February 18, 2018

Best Way To Find/Scan Working Host For Free Internet

Today I wanna go to share my personal experience with ISP Hacking Tips. We use different types of method for hack it. But, You must know How to find a host for free internet. It's very hard work to find and working host.

About Method Of VPN:

These are some VPN apps in Google and Play store. Local ISP( internet service provider) firewall fraud direct connection to the server with a net connection. Because of which we are basically free can use the internet. Why we use VPN. Most of the time we use two because of 1. hide internet activities from ISP 2. Use free internet. A tunneling apps can bypass your ISP firewall to gain free unlimited internet. Basically, A VPN software can provide our security and internet at any cost.

Example: Droid VPN, Your Freedom VPN, Atom VPN, Express VPN(paid VPN)

Try Before reading this article: How To Hack Mobile Network For Free Internet

Currently, Free internet access one of the methods is the bug host use free internet. How to find out the bug host and whether the host has bug active. The host of any sim operator's bug to find out before you need to know the different server addresses of this sim of ISP. Imagine, Your country has 5 ISP or Sim operator company. They provide you different types of offer, promotion and also provide the free access website. They also give facility. So How to scan those servers.
All of the seams are an official website example(grammenphone.com, robi.com.bd). You must know about all official link. To find bug host for your sim company servers, You need help with At Same IP the website.

After going here, You will see the picture below,

Find Host For Free Internet

Cutting the search box desirable seams official website of sim company.
Capture below will come captcha, type the number correctly. Now press submit and look the picture below,

How to find host

Copy all the server from here and note it

Now find out from here to browsing this link at any cost or no access data charge. If That have no charge you will get good news for scan bug host.

Now You need to install HTTP Injector App from play store.

find free host by http injector

Then like the picture below and click the tools. After going to Host Checker.

Finding host for free inernet

In the free space enter your address that was browsed. Example grameenphone.com

If you come in the picture below,

how to find host
Then, You see HTTP response code what is working and what is not working

HTTP/ 1.1 301 Moved permanently
Connection : Close

It shows up this host will not work free internet. And if you can see the picture below,

find host by android software

HTTP/1.1 200 Ok
Connection: Keep-Alive

There is a chance of running free internet.

You must be sure before whether is browse the site is free. If A server is free for a while, after running the free internet. The company picked up it drop and remove this bug from this server. So this time the free net is not working.

Anyway after, The server finds out and must check different software. I recommended web tunnel. If you connect it. Look the picture below,


This is just about finding out the most basic tips, In future, I will try to share to scan the different method of finding and working host to make free internet setting.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

February 08, 2018

How To Hack Mobile Network For Free Internet

First of all, How about you? One month later I am back to write about How To Hack Mobile Internet For Free Internet. In my first, Tutorial is about Basic Knowledge about ISP Hacking for unlimited internet. In Google, You can find various Tutorial and also learn from Youtube. This Hacking is very Benefit for the Student like me. Many people are surprised When I make a config and get free internet at any cost.

How To Hack Mobile Network For Free Internet
However Today we know how it works. In before, You should know Find Working Host For Free Internet.If you know this, You can also find out the free internet system in future. Now let's show you how to work free net. This trick name is:

R.i.p trick(reverse/replace internet protocol)

1. Default Browser trick:

There are several servers in your Sim company(like...gpstream.mobi, tv.robizone.mobi). You can visit this server at 0 balance. It is called free server or free host. Now You will find there are many proxy sites like this (kproxy.com, Hideme.be). When you go to the proxy site then, you can go all over the world by visiting any website. Every proxy server has a Host IP(Example: ...kproxy.com of host IP

This is a feature of Protocol(IP4) that connects a server or host to the phone in the proxy address and connects to another server then, you look and can be seen this phone server or host. Example, I gave the phone proxy to Kproxy's host 204.045134.106 and Connect me with GP(sim company) free server or free host. It will connect to a free server, that means you will not pay any balance. Kproxy has already heard it. If When you get brows free on Kproxy then, You can visit all over the world by Internet.

In This Way, We used to replace the Default trick.

2. Software/Browser Trick:

Mobile Software has his own server( Example: opera mini have a server that is server4.operamini.com). This means that the server will be accessed first, then you can get full free access. It means you will put this opera server in your phone configuration proxy address(server4.operamini.com). Then you connect your Free Server or Free Host(gpstream.mobi). That means you connect free server but, this server connects to opera server.

That's why we can access free internet many handler browsers

3. CGI Trick For Java Moblie:

This trick seems to be the best trick I gave.This is also (R.I.P) trick. Look at the first Default Browser Trick. It's working by Reverse IP Domain trick. Now look at CGI Script folder name created in host)/nph-proxy.cgi/00/http/

The main part of last(HTTP). After, If you put it (google.com). Then you will go to Google. So after (HTTP), If you put your favorite website, You can go there.

Example: You put your phone proxy address ( Then you will need a handler and Create this setting right below,

Open Handler menu

Front Query: gpstream.com/cgi-bin/yourname/nph-proxy.cgi/00/http/

Then save and enjoy it. It just works in Java Mobile.

4. Handler Trick:

1. Http Trick:

Now, look how to create a setting. Open handler menu--

Proxy Type: HTTP/real host (real host is not working in Java Mobile)

Proxy Server: gpstream.com

If you put this free host, Then get free internet.

2. Front Query:
In front query menu, You use your CGI trick. In case, Follow this and create setting--



Handler Space Trick

This is the best trick I have ever seen. It's a recommended trick on your ISP. How its work,

Every ISP have an MMS proxy(Example- GP have an MMS proxy that is - You should look your ISP. It has a great Benefits. You can see this setting on your Android phone and see the result.

Now I put it on my phone proxy address ( Then connect free host with your default browser. If you visit it properly. Then open your handler menu,


That is my best trick for Hacking ISP.

In future follow my Blog and get the latest trick about Hacking ISP forget unlimited internet by working in PC.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November 07, 2017

Hacking ISP For Unlimited Internet that Actually Works

Hey, all ISP hacking lover man, Today I will share the top way of using free internet. Really nowadays I archive knowledge about how to hack ISP many kinds of trick from Google, YouTube and share with my blog. Every time I love to share my knowledge about Hack ISP for unlimited internet with Facebook friends, twitter friends, and my blog. We are looking for different promotion offer and ISP web link for finding a new host/server for unlimited internet.

What is ISP?

ISP means Internet Service Provider. They provide for the public to using internet service for some cost. If you know how to hack it then you can use free internet for at any cost. There are many kinds of ISP name (Airtel, Vodafone, Grammenphone, Robi, and Banglalink).

How many types ISP Hack:

There is various kind of way for how to cheat ISP. First of all, I am a newbie. I am still learning about ISP hacking knowledge. As much as I know 1. DroidVPN UDP port trick. 2. Your Freedom DNS port trick. 3. Reverse Host/ip trick. You can hack mobile network to get free internet.

What are Requirements for it?

   1. One PC or Mobile
   2. Any internet service provider Sim like (Gp, Airtel, Robi, Vodafone)
   3. A tunnelling software. 

Discussion about 3 types ISP hack for free internet:

  1. Droid VPN UDP Port Trick: 

     Nowadays This Droid VPN Software is very popular using to hack any ISP. Its also work HTTP
     trick. If your ISP has to open any UDP port then you can easily use free internet. You must know
     about it. When you scan UDP port and get one port like(68). You can use it by some
     modifying. This VPN Free Internet Hack can easily to use free internet.

 2. Your Freedom DNS Port Trick:

    Your Freedom is an old trick. This is very easy to use free internet and as much as I know all isp 
    internet is hacking by the freedom software. Basically, any is have to open DNS Port 53. But it has
    some problem. This free internet speed is low. When you purchase a package then you will get
    120-180 kbps.

 3. Reverse Host/ip Trick:

   This is the best trick I have ever seen. Some of the man surprise to know how it works. Nowadays
   it's very popular trick. Basically, First of all, you collect free host on your ISP. Then you should
   scan the host open port. You must know HTTP request and HTTP response. If you get http 200 OK,
   you will get your best free internet.This all trick is work for Proctol IP4.

How to hack ISP server:

Understanding Phraking (my word):- Phraking is a word that define to bypass/cheat with your ISP(Internet Service Provider)’s data inspection system to access internet without any cost or low cost or bypass Fair Usage Police or bypass speed limit .
Phreaker use Provider’s different promotion , different offers , Providers different Websites/host , Providers Proxy-server , different VPN , different Tools to phreak with their Provider .
Now a days I think that 2 things is capital of a Phreaker –

  • Bug host/Providers Host
  • Proxy Server of Provider(some times squid).
  • Understanding http request , http response :- I am not a expert but as a normal user I know when I try to access something in Internet , ‘client’ (my pc/browser) sends requests to ‘web server’ for web resource , then ‘web server’ 
  • responds with response .

http request format-
GET /css/main.css?4 HTTP/1.1
Host: ping.eu
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0
Accept: text/css,*/*;q=0.1
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Referer: http://ping.eu/
Cookie: PHPSESSID=be905c46d9d38310b56aaf1ad01bc9ca; LG=en
DNT: 1
Connection: keep-alive

Here –
GET /css/main.css?4 HTTP/1.1========start line/request line

GET==== request method
/css/main.css?4=====web resource hosted in ping.eu
HTTP===request protocol ( there are many protocols , its HTTP . Client and server talking to each another by protocol)
1.1===protocol version

Host: ping.eu
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0
Accept: text/css,*/*;q=0.1
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Referer: http://ping.eu/
Cookie: PHPSESSID=be905c46d9d38310b56aaf1ad01bc9ca; LG=en
############### ======= these all called request header

http response format-

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:42:19 GMT
Server: Apache
Last-Modified: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 07:58:54 GMT
ETag: "9c7a58-a62-4e8727d5ceb80"
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 2658
Cache-Control: max-age=3600
Expires: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 12:42:19 GMT
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/css

HTTP/1.1 200 OK====response line/status line
HTTP===request protocol ( there are many protocols , its HTTP . Client and server talking to each another by protocol)
1.1===protocol version (we have requested with protocol http version HTTP/1.1 , server responds with HTTP/1.1)

Hack isp for unlimited internet

Understanding http proxy server:- A proxy server acts as an intermediary between ‘Client’ and ‘Server’ . When we access internet for web resource via proxy server , at first our client/browser connects with proxy server and make a request for resource , then proxy server forward the request to server . Server responds with response and back it to proxy server , proxy server back it to client .

See the picture below

Now we have a basic knowledge how a client and server communicate each other , how a proxy server work , how look a http request and response . We exploit .....................
This is a basic discussion for newbie .

Free Unlimited Internet Access Software

I said eairler, Every Internet Service Provider are expensive. At the end of the month, You pay a lot of money. This reason people are attactive to using any free internet software by accesing. 

Try It with our top collection of ISP Hacking Software.

Thanks for reading our tutorial. How about your feelings? don't forget to share your mind on the comment section. Any kind of help follows me on facebook and my blogger comment section.